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  • Published: 2014
  • Revision: 1.0
  • Format: A3
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An accessible breakdown of this PDF poster is available further down the page.

So - you've got a BIGmack (or equivalent) - AKA a 'single message device'...

  • How often is it used, every day?
  • What can you do with a device that only stores one message at a time?

Well - loads, actually!

It will spice up your wall displays and will remind you and your staff of all the communication needs that you can meet, and all the communication opportunities you can create, with the simplest of AAC devices.

This poster was created by CALL Scotland, in collaboration with Tony Jones of TalkSense.

See Tony's website for more great ideas and words of wisdom about AAC.

An accessible breakdown of this PDF poster is available further down the page.

Contents of the PDF poster

This is an accessible breakdown of the contents of the PDF poster, designed to be accessible with a screen reader, and also for people who find it hard to see or access the links in the poster.

You can communicate A lot with the simplest of AAC devices. All you need is a Single MESSAGE Device, eg. a BIGmack or similar.

  • Aa
    • Ask - Ask for a favourite item
  • Bb
    • Buy – Buy items in a shop/pretend shop
  • Cc
    • Call - Call for a significant other
  • Dd
    • Develop - Develop cause and effect skills
  • Ee
    • Explanations - Repeat instructions
  • Ff
    • Finished! - Tell someone you’ve finished
  • Gg
    • Give news - Give news to a significant other
  • Hh
    • Help! - Ask for help
  • Ii
    • Information - Give important information
  • Jj
    • Join in - Add sound effects to a sensory story
  • Kk
    • Knowledge - Say the answer or where something is
  • Ll
    • Listen - Listen to some music you like
  • Mm
    • More - Ask for more of a food or drink
  • Nn
    • Narrate - Tell a story to others
  • Oo
    • Order - Order from a menu
  • Pp
    • Perform - Take part in a play and give your line
  • Qq
    • Quote - Quote a repeated line in a story
  • Rr
    • Recite – Recite a poem
  • Ss
    • Sing - Sing a song
  • Tt
    • Tell - Tell a one part joke
  • Uu
    • Use - Use often, just to say hello
  • Vv
    • Vow - Make a promise
  • Ww
    • Worship - Say a prayer
  • Xx
    • Xtra goes - Request repeats of an action
  • Yy
    • Yes - Say ‘Yes’ to one of an array of items
  • Zz
    • Zoom off - Say goodbye!

These simple AAC ideas were inspired by Tony Jones of TalkSense, who also provided the images used.