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Raising Attainment with Microsoft Learning Tools


  • Published: 2018
  • Revision: 1.0
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Immersive Reader is part of Microsoft Learning Tools and is designed to improve reading support for learners with literacy difficulties, such as dyslexia.

Immersive Reader includes the following features:

  • 6 different background colour and font themes so learners can customise font size, style colour and background as well as line spacing between words.
  • Options to change text size from 14 to 96 point, with an easy to use slider bar.
  • Syllables - words are broken down to help with decoding, word recognition and pronunciation.
  • Parts of Speech - words are colour coded into nouns, verbs and adjectives to help with grammar.
  • Line Focus - helps to reduce clutter and aid concentration.
  • Picture Dictionary - Picture Communication Symbols so learners can see a visual representation of words and hear individual words spoken aloud.
  • Text-to-speech - documents can be spoken aloud using the built-in speech tool.

Although each of these tools can be used independently they work extremely well in combination with each other, e.g., font and theme styles combined with text-to-speech and line focus.

Not all the tools are available in every element of Office. The Immersive Reader in Learning Tools is available in Word Online and OneNote Online, as a free Add-In for Word and OneNote Desktop apps, and for the Word and OneNote iPad apps.

Visit the Learning Tools website for more information.

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