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Speech Recognition in Schools Using via Voice

by Paul Nisbet & Allan Wilson


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  • Published: 2002

This Pack is designed to help teachers and parents teach young people with special educational needs to use the IBM ViaVoice Pro 9 speech recognition program. A printed book version is also available to purchase.

Speech recognition has been presented as a 'Panacea' for people with dyslexia and other writing difficulties. Some students have used speech recognition systems successfully for their work and for exams, and the use of this technology has helped them to overcome their difficulties and go on to higher education (see the references in Appendix 3). However, there have been other students in other schools, who have been unsuccessful in using speech recognition.

The aim of the CALL Introducing Speech Recognition in Schools project was to investigate best practice in schools where speech recognition was being used successfully, and develop and evaluate training materials to help other schools get going with speech recognition.

Book Contents

  • Session 1 - Train the Program
  • Session 2 - Dictate and Correct
  • Session 3 - Voice Commands
  • Session 4 - Use 'Begin Reading' to read back dictated text
  • Session 5 - Voice Commands, Composing and Dictating Text
  • Session 6 - Reading and Dictating
  • Session 7 - Adapting the Vocabulary
  • Session 8 - Dictate a Report
  • Session 9 - Dictate School Work
  • Session 10 - Plan using Speech Recognition for School Work

Student Tutorial Cards

The Student Tutorial Cards are short summaries of the 10 training sessions in the book that you can print out and stick up beside the computer, or give to students to work through:

Training Scripts and Files

The Training scripts are the stories that you read when training NaturallySpeaking to recognise your voice. You can download and print them out to practice before doing the training.

The Training Files are exercises that you will need when working through the Introducing NaturallySpeaking Book.

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