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19th April, 2023

CALL Scotland

CALL Scotland
A Communication and Assistive Technology Newsletter

19th April, 2023

If you need to get in touch please phone the main answerphone on 0131 651 6236 or email call.scotland@ed.ac.uk and we will get back to you.

Our latest blogs

Our 2023 ASL and Technology conference site is live!

CALL Scotland is hosting another fantastic ASL and Technology online conference on 14th June 2023 offering a range of Assistive Technology workshops from suppliers, practitioners and the CALL team. Only £5 to register!

CALL offers two 5 week courses for Autumn 2023!

CALL have two 5 week self study courses starting in Autumn 2023. The 5 week Technology to support dyslexia course is in its third year and the new one on offer will a 5 week course on Technology to support reading aind writing for learners with complex needs.

Struggling to include learners and develop AAC in school?

Children and young people with communication difficulties can have a wide variety of needs and teachers may need support on matching needs to AAC. This blog provides guidance, as well as information on creating communication activities and opportunities for using AAC in school.

Turn your iPad into an easy-to-use document scanner

This illustrated guide explains how to use an iPad and the Notes app as an easy-to-use document scanner

Training courses

90 minute Online Learning workshops - £40 per person per workshop.

see more courses...

Free webinars

30 minute online workshops delivered to your desktop.

see more webinars...

And finally...

Step Up AT (Assistive Technology)

A website mostly based around the needs of pre-school and early learners. Lots of information on AAC and relevant to developing communication skills. Useful resources, including videos, online learning modules, and instructional resources to download.

A book to read: 'Teaching Reading to All Learners Including Those With Complex Needs'

Provides a practical framework to create an inclusive reading curriculum. Includes a range of case study examples to demonstrate how to put the theory into practice. Explores how storytelling and reading are absolutely key to developing resilience and supporting wellbeing in all our learners.

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