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Speech Recognition

With Speech Recognition you can speak to your computer, tablet or smartphone to control it, give commands and dictate text.

  • Useful for anyone because you can typically speak faster than you can type;
  • helpful for people with physical difficulties, dyslexia, writing or spelling difficulties, or visual impairment;
  • freely built in to all computer, tablet and smartphone operating systems;
  • you can also buy software for Windows and Mac computers.

What's available...


Windows Speech Recognition software.


Intelligent personal assistant on the iPad.


Google Voice Typing is Android's version of speech recognition.


Google Voice Typing

Dictate into Google Docs on Windows, MacOS or Chromebook

Google Now

Digital personal assistant.

Windows Speech Recognition

Built into Windows 7 and above.


WordQ + SpeakQ

For people who have literacy difficulties.

Apple Mac

Two main options for speech recognition on the Mac.


Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, Word and PowerPoint.


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