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Paul Nisbet

Paul is a Senior Research Fellow and has an engineering background. He's involved in CALL's assessment and support service for pupils, with a particular responsibility for access technology for pupils with physical disabilities; and for technology to enable students with dyslexia or literacy difficulties access the curriculum.

Is the pen mightier than the keyboard?

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 2nd May, 2024

Category Computer Accessibility iPads, Androids & Chromebooks

The Apple Pencil and other active stylus pens are becoming more popular and commonly used in schools. In this blog we look at some applications for pupils with additional support needs and/or disabilities.

Do your Chromebooks, iPads and laptops meet legal requirements?

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 29th February, 2024

Category Computer Accessibility Assistive Technology

Pupils should have access to accessibility features on their digital devices in schools to meet Equality and Accessibility legislation according to Scottish Government guidance. This blog discusses what should be available for students.

A model for Inclusive Digital Learning for Scotland.

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 15th January, 2024

Category Assistive Technology

How can we ensure that digital learning is inclusive as more and more learners have a personal device? How do we think about and provide assistive technology when digital learning is so much more accessible?

Where are we with 1:1 digital technology?

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 13th November, 2023

Category iPads, Androids & Chromebooks Assistive Technology

The Scottish Government pledged that every pupil will have a personal digital device by 2026 - how far have we come to achieving this goal?

Do you use assessment arrangements in SQA exams? SQA want to speak to you.

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 6th November, 2023

Category Digital Exams

SQA are looking to speak to students who use or have used assessment arrangements in examinations, to hear about your experiences and to find out how the assessment arrangements process works and what you think about it.

Read&Write Chrome and OrbitNote can now speak with Scottish and Gaelic voices!

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 25th October, 2023

Category Text-to-Speech Dyslexia

Read&Write for Google Chrome and OrbitNote for Chromebooks now have more Scottish voices plus the Ceitidh Gaelic voice. The voices are available in the free version of Read&Write as well as the Premium version.

We're still live and kicking! Funded for the next six months anyway!

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 12th September, 2023

Category Assistive Technology

We're happy to report that our core grant funding from Scottish Government has been extended for another six months to March 2024. See what we've been doing for the past year in our latest annual report.

SQA Assessment Arrangements in 2023

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 24th August, 2023

Category Digital Exams Computer Accessibility

SQA have issued information about the requests for Assessment Arrangements for the 2023 examinations. There was an increase again in the number of candidates and entries for whom arrangements were requested and digital technology is one of the most common arrangements.

Why is digital learning not considered in the ASL Action Plan?

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 18th August, 2023

Category Assistive Technology Severe & Complex Support Needs

Digital learning and assistive technology have huge potential for pupils with additional support needs, but are not addressed in the ASL Action Plan. This blog discussed what actions should be included in the Plan.

I'm dyslexic and people keep saying I should use technology - where do I start?

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 19th May, 2023

Category Dyslexia Assistive Technology

There are so many tools and apps available for supporting learners with dyslexia that it can be difficult to know where to begin. This blog introduces a new Technology Checklist which we hope will make it easier to find the right tools and strategies.

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