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Computer Accessibility

How to create an interactive PDF with text boxes for free

Posted by Craig Mill on the 20th November, 2023

Category Computer Accessibility Assistive Technology

This article explains how to create an interactive PDF using the built-in text box feature with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

SQA Assessment Arrangements in 2023

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 24th August, 2023

Category Digital Exams Computer Accessibility

SQA have issued information about the requests for Assessment Arrangements for the 2023 examinations. There was an increase again in the number of candidates and entries for whom arrangements were requested and digital technology is one of the most common arrangements.

1:1 technology must be accessible

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 3rd October, 2022

Category Computer Accessibility Dyslexia

At the Dyslexia Scotland Conference on Saturday 1st October I asked "How can learners with dyslexia reach their potential with 1:1 technology?" and in the presentation I explored some challenges and hopefully, identified some solutions. I thought it might be helpful to write a few blo...

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