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My child is dyslexic... what can help?

Posted by Craig Mill on the 2nd May, 2024

Category Dyslexia Assistive Technology

"I would appreciate any advice about which device to purchase for my daughter. I am considering a tablet or Kindle and I would like to know more about the different options for accessibility features/apps. My daughter would benefit from changing font size, colour and speech options for reading more grown-up books etc. The school are supportive but I don’t feel that they perhaps use the technology available to its full potential. The spellchecker is hard for my daughter to use correctly. They have class iPads and I feel they would be open to suggestions in terms of apps and features to support her in class."

One of the many services CALL provides is information and advice via our online contact form as well as good old-fashioned phone queries - see our contact page for more.

The query above is just one of the hundreds we receive each year from parents, teachers and other professionals. In response to many queries, it is often a case of signposting people to appropriate resources on the CALL website. And although many of the queries are about dyslexia a large proportion are related to other additional support needs such as communication difficulties. autism and complex needs etc. 

CALL Resources to support dyslexia

For this article, I suggest some useful resources that I hope you will find helpful - just in case you have missed them or didn't know about them. 

Technology to Support Dyslexia

The newly updated Dyslexia section of the CALL website. We recently updated all the information on the dyslexia section of the website with new content including videos, checklists, posters and more. The dyslexia section includes sections on reading, writing, numeracy as well as case studies and posters. 

Have a look at our Dyslexia section

The CALL YouTube Channel

On the CALL YouTube Channel, you can find a series of video playlists, for example;

Using Microsoft Word to Support Learners with ASN (with a focus on dyslexia - see an example below).

iPad Short Guides to Support Reading and Writing  (see an example below).

CALL's Posters and Infographs

CALL has developed a range of informative 'how to posters' and infographics. Examples include;

Have a look at our Posters and Infographs

Informative blog articles with illustrated guides

Along with my other colleagues, I do my best to write blog articles as frequently as possible as they are a great way to share information on technology updates and what's new in the world of assistive technology. 

Examples include;

Have a look at my other blogs.

Dyslexia and technology online learning modules 

CALL has developed a series of learning modules, for you to study at your leisure. There are two modules specifically aimed at technology and dyslexia - 'Technology to Support Dyslexia' and 'Using the iPad to Support Literacy'. You can view the demo versions before committing to buying for a worthwhile £20. 

The modules are at aimed at teachers, learning support staff, parents and/or anyone who would like to learn more about the potential of technology, particularly the built-in features found in devices such as Windows and iPads.

Each module includes a range of media including reading, video tutorials, quizzes and interactive activities. For the best experience, we recommend you use a device to work through the tutorials.

On completion of each module, you will receive a digital badge and a 'Certificate of Completion' to evidence your learning.

ASL and Technology Conference 2024

If you are interested in learning more about how technology can be used to support learners with additional support needs our ASL and Technology Online Conference is fast approaching. Find out more and book your place.

Online Conference

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