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14th February, 2024

CALL Scotland

CALL Scotland
A Communication and Assistive Technology Newsletter

14th February, 2024

If you need to get in touch please phone the main answerphone on 0131 651 6236 or email call.scotland@ed.ac.uk and we will get back to you.

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Our new 8-week Literacy and Complex Needs course is live!

Book your space on our 8-week online learning course with weekly live and interactive workshops.

How to make choices about technology tools - the CALL assessment approach

This article explains the process of a CALL technology assessment with the focus of a resulting report in the from of a video screen recording.

Ten Tips for Tar Heel Reader

Ten Tips for Tar Heel Reader is a new quick video explaining how to use many of the features of the popular online digital library.

CALL Scotland Bookbug Symbolised Resources in action!

How are our symbolised resources used in class? Are they what teachers and learners need to support early literacy? This case study was recently conducted visiting and supporting within a Primary 1 mainstream class and a P1-3 specialist provision within the same school.

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