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What are Digital Question Papers?

Digital Question Papers are digital versions of SQA National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exam papers. They are designed for students with disabilities or additional support needs who have difficulty using the ordinary paper exam papers.

Students can read the paper on computer or tablet, zoom in to make the text larger, change the colours to reduce glare or increase contrast, and use text-to-speech software to read the questions.

Papers in 'question and answer' format have red answer boxes into which candidates can type - or dictate, with speech recognition - their answers. For the 'question only' papers, candidates can type or dictate into Digital Answer Books. 

Digital Question Papers were piloted and then introduced by SQA in 2008. They have been a huge success and are now used by more than half the schools in Scotland. Feedback and research shows that the technology provides a more independent method of support than human readers and scribes, and that it is also more efficient and cheaper for schools because fewer staff and few rooms are required. As a result, the use of technology and digital papers is now a more popular method of support than human readers and scribes in examinations in Scotland.

For more information, visit our Adapted Digital Exams web site.