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Key iPad Resources on the CALL web site - 1. Dyslexia

Posted by Allan Wilson on the 9th April, 2020

In these difficult times many parents and teachers are looking for information on how to make the best use of technology that they may have to support a child or young person with additional support needs at home. This is the first of two blogs focuing on some of our information to help such a child or young person make use of an iPad. It looks primarily at the use of an iPad to support a learner with dyslexia.

We have lots of useful information, but we admit that it is not always easy to find as it can be scattered around different parts of the web site. For example, we have information about using an iPad to support a learner with dyslexia in the Information section of our web site under Dyslexia, Ipads, Androids and Chromebooks, Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech. If you are looking for Professional Learning, we have information in the Training section, or perhaps a short webinar would suit your needs? We have over 140 webinars in our archive of recordings, which are free to view whenever you want, including about a dozen past webinars that would be relevant. We also have Posters and Leaflets and Info Cards in our Downloads section. And we mustn't forget our Blog section, with nearly 600 articles dating back to 2009. That's just resources on the main CALL Scotland web site - we also have the AAC Scotland, Books for All, Digital Exams, Personal Communication Passports, The Scottish Voice, Symbols for All and WordTalk sites. Finally, there is also a website for our annual ASL and Technology conference and exhibition.

Image of search boxIf you know exactly what you are looking for, you may be able to find it using the search facility near the top right corner of most of our web pages. Some people won't know what they are looking for - they'll just have an idea that there might be something here to help them.

The purpose of this Blog is to give people an overview of some of the key information we have on the web site to support learners with particular needs and help them find ideal resources they did not know about. Sometimes we know of excellent resources freely available from other sites. Rather than duplicate other people's efforts, we'll provide links to some of these.

Using an iPad to Support Dyslexia

The iPad is an excellent tool for supporting many learners with dyslexia, or reading and writing difficulties. Built-in features provide a wide range of tools to support reading and writing and a large number of apps are available to help learners from early years to adult life.

General Introduction

Using Built-in Features

Getting and Using Apps

The built-in support and features provided with the iPad will meet many of the needs of learners with dyslexia, but there are times when something extra will be needed in order to perform a task. Lots of apps are available to support reading, writing, find information, or just have some fun. Apps can be downloaded from the App Store, generally accessed by tapping on the App Store icon on the Home screen of the iPad. Some apps are free, but you will have to pay for most, though they are not usually expensive.

Other CALL Scotland Resources to Support Learners with Dyslexia


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