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8th May, 2024

CALL Scotland

CALL Scotland
A Communication and Assistive Technology Newsletter

8th May, 2024

If you need to get in touch please phone the main answerphone on 0131 651 6236 or email call.scotland@ed.ac.uk and we will get back to you.

Our latest blogs

Our ASL and Technology conference; 25 years on and still going strong!

Although the format may have changed over the last 25 years, our aim of sharing good practice and providing you with the opportunity to keep up to date with UK software and technology on the market to support learners with Additional Support Needs remains the same.

Can Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) help learners with dyslexia?

This blog explores and highlights the potential if generative artificial intelligence to support learners with dyslexia.

Is the pen mightier than the keyboard?

The Apple Pencil and other active stylus pens are becoming more popular and commonly used in schools. In this blog we look at some applications for pupils with additional support needs and/or disabilities.

My child is dyslexic...what can help?

A series of case studies and resources to help learners who have dyslexia.

Training courses

90 minute Online Learning workshops - £40 per person per workshop.

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Free webinars

30 minute online workshops delivered to your desktop.

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And finally...

Course archive: Using AI to Support Learners with Dyslexia

This course was held on the 25th April, 2024 but you can still purchase a recording of the session. You'll also receive all the resources that were sent out with the course.

Technology to Support Dyslexia in Education (5-week course)

The technology to support dyslexia course will focus on and explore a range of technologies, resources, and strategies to support learners with literacy difficulties arising from dyslexia. It is a technology-based course for educators and other professionals working within the Scottish Education sector who want to learn how assistive technology ca

Professional Learning in Your Workplace

CALL Scotland is a registered provider of Career Long Professional Learning for inclusive digital technologies. Our training is aimed at all staff working with pupils with Additional Support Needs.

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