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11th October, 2023

CALL Scotland

CALL Scotland
A Communication and Assistive Technology Newsletter

11th October, 2023

If you need to get in touch please phone the main answerphone on 0131 651 6236 or email call.scotland@ed.ac.uk and we will get back to you.

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Looking for a high quality 5-week course in technology & dyslexia?

CALL is running its popular 5-week professional learning course, starting on Tuesday 24th October.

Google Lens - a brilliant tool for supporting learners with reading difficulties

Google Lens is a great tool for searching by images and converting images with text into readable text.

How do I convert an image PDF to a Word document?

This article explains how to convert an image PDF into an editable and accessible format such as Microsoft Word using a Windows device, the Word iPad app and a Chromebook (Google docs).

Book now for our 10 week Technology for ASN in Education course!

This online 10 week Technology for ASN in Education course will be of interest to education professionals who wish to promote inclusion, using assistive technologies.

Training courses

90 minute Online Learning workshops - £40 per person per workshop.

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30 minute online workshops delivered to your desktop.

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And finally...

Bookbug P1 Bag Accessible Digital Books now available!

CALL Scotland's award-winning accessible versions of Scottish Book Trust's Bookbug P1 Family Bag books are available to download for learners in Scotland now!

And there is more! Clicker resources to support the Bookbug 2023 P1 Family bags!

Did you know that CALL Scotland have also created Clicker writing sets to go along with the Scottish Booktrust bag of books that they gift to every Primary One child in Scotland? Let's have a look at them and think about how they could support your learners with ASN.

English Teachers - how can we empower struggling readers and writers?

In this free webinar, Andrew Cumming, Senior Education Consultant, will explore how DocsPlus helps students to independently access Secondary English texts, organise their ideas, and supports them throughout the writing and editing process.

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