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Looking for a simple but effective text reader?

Posted by Craig Mill on the 24th March, 2022

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it, so goes Spock’s famous Star Trek phrase (and song). But for the purpose of this blog, I’m referring to a text reader, but not a text reader as we know it! While preparing for a recent workshop on using ‘Technology to Support Learners with...

Online spelling checkers - which one is best?

Posted by Craig Mill on the 24th March, 2022

I’m a touch-typist but I’m forever making typos (and the odd genuine spelling mistake) so I find spell checkers invaluable. Online spell checkers such as Grammarly and Ginger claim to use artificial intelligence (AI) to check spelling and grammar and offer alternative suggestions to mist...

Join us for an online discussion on using technology for SQA Assessment Arrangements

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 16th March, 2022

We have been having many discussions with practitioners and parents about the use of technology for learners who require Assessment Arrangements for SQA examinations, and so we are thinking it would be helpful to have some conversations around the subject. If you're interested, sign up...

AAC Users, Parents, Carers & Families - Consultation

Posted by Gillian McNeill on the 2nd March, 2022

Are you an AAC user or a parent, carer or family member of an AAC user living in Scotland? Have you accessed or tried to access AAC support and services since March 2018? If 'yes,' a new AAC engagement group would like to hear about your lived experience of using AAC and accessing AAC servic...

Online ASL and Technology Conference 2022 - Book Today!

Posted by Shirley Lawson on the 1st March, 2022

CALL Scotland’s ASL and Technology Conference 2022 is taking place online on Thursday 16th June. This conference is aimed primarily at anyone working in education with pupils with Additional Support Needs but also will be relevant to those supporting students with disabilities in Further and H...

Text to Speech to support reading difficulties

Posted by Shirley Lawson on the 3rd February, 2022

Many pupils with reading difficulties continue to be provided with paper-based resources in the form of books, worksheets and printed materials.  These print-disabled pupils are at a disadvantage now because they are not able to access the information on the paper in the same way their peers wh...

How Immersive Reader could be more inclusive - by speaking our language and with our accents

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 14th January, 2022

Microsoft's Immersive Reader and Read Aloud tools provide excellent support for many learners with reading difficulties, visual impairment or other additional support needs. But it doesn't have a Scottish accent voice or a Scottish Gaelic voice. What can be done? Summary Microsoft Lear...

Using Microsoft Word to support learners with Additional Support Needs (ASN)

Posted by Craig Mill on the 14th January, 2022

Small changes can make a big difference! In this new resource 'Using Microsoft Word to support learners with Additional Support Needs (ASN)' a series of short video guides explains how you can make small changes using Microsoft Word’s built-in tools to support learners with literacy di...

Upcoming Course: Learn How to Use Speech Recognition

Posted by Shirley Lawson on the 12th January, 2022

Each year we create a Professional Learning calendar based on the training needs of teachers, Learning support staff, Pupil Support Assistants as well as professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists. We use our course evaluations to determine what further training is required as well as iden...

Some reflections from the CALL Scotland 2020-2021 Annual Report

Posted by Paul Nisbet on the 14th December, 2021

'May you live in interesting times' is purported to be a Chinese curse (although there seems very little evidence that it is of Chinese origin) but regardless, the 2020-2021 academic session was certainly interesting and challenging. As 2021 draws to a close, we wish you a peaceful break, gr...

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