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Free online learning modules

Posted by Craig Mill on the 23rd August, 2022

CALL has developed a series of free professional learning modules for you to study at your leisure. The focus of each module is how technology can help learners with additional support needs, for example, pupils who experience literacy difficulties arising from dyslexia. The 4 modules comprise of: ...

Online Learning opportunity for parents

Posted by Shirley Lawson on the 18th August, 2022

During lockdown we were inundated with phone calls and emails from parents and family members who were trying to support young people with Additional Support Needs to access their education online. 'My son needs me to read out a whole web page and then when I ask him questions about it, he has ...

Use Mark Up in the Photos App to draw, add text, doodle and even tell a story

Posted by Craig Mill on the 17th August, 2022

Mark Up provides a variety of annotation features such as drawing tools, adding text, speech bubbles, shapes and more – great for expressing ideas, telling stories and to help develop creative skills. There’s even a ‘Magnifier’ to magnify or enhance parts of a photo. Whi...

Looking for a free photo app that snaps and reads aloud the text?

Posted by Craig Mill on the 9th August, 2022

The Photos App for the iPad (and iPhone) has been around for a long time. But in a recent update, Photos has a new tool for reading text aloud from images. This is a great new feature for capturing text on classroom worksheets, flyers and other paper-based materials.  In a previous blog po...

Microsoft Editor - now available for Edge and Chrome

Posted by Craig Mill on the 29th June, 2022

Microsoft Editor is a built-in spelling and grammar checker available in Word and Word Online. But you can now download it as an extension for the Edge and Chrome browsers.  What is Editor and how does it compare to other online spell checkers? Microsoft Editor uses Artificial Intelligence (AI)...

Want to learn more about Dyslexic Learners and Technology?

Posted by Shirley Lawson on the 23rd May, 2022

Despite having so many more laptops, chromebooks and iPads in the hands of learners there is still a lack of information and training being provided to teachers on how to make the most of these devices to support dyslexic learners. Do you know what built in accessibility features can revolutionise ...

Great opportunities to learn about Technology with the CALL team!

Posted by Shirley Lawson on the 3rd May, 2022

Delivering our Professional Learning online has allowed us to reach a far greater number of people and have a wider geographical audience. We have been delighted to share our expertise with teachers, Pupil Support Assistants, Support for Learning staff, parents, students and external professionals i...

Using a phone's telephoto lens as a distance camera

Posted by Craig Mill on the 15th April, 2022

Most modern phones, including Android and iPhones, have good quality cameras for taking close up and distance snaps. A telephoto lens on a phone can be used for capturing information on flyers, posters, and content on the class whiteboard. Using the free app Microsoft Lens, ...

Read Aloud in Edge Browser - a great addition to support reading

Posted by Craig Mill on the 7th April, 2022

I’m writing this article in response to a query I recently received. I was asked for some advice on reading online news articles for someone with a visual impairment and struggles using a mouse. They had tried using the free Natural Reader (a text-to-speech tool) but the process of s...

Apps to convert printed text to digital format - which one is best?

Posted by Craig Mill on the 31st March, 2022

A question we often get asked at CALL is about converting paper or printed worksheets to digital format that can be read aloud using text-to-speech by a device such as an iPad or Android. Digital readable formats can be helpful to learners who have literacy difficulties, who are print disa...

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